An Ordinary Fascism: Two Stories, so Different, But the Same (Part II)

Russian World of “scrapie”
The second story is older and nearly forgotten, never mentioned by true Russian Orthodox men and women. Perhaps “scrapie ” were on their way. Who knows!
The second story is older and nearly forgotten, never mentioned by true Russian Orthodox men and women. Perhaps “screpy” were on their way. Who knows!
The second story is older and nearly forgotten, never mentioned by true Russian Orthodox men and women. Perhaps “screpy” were on their way. Who knows!
On June 12th, at a nursing home in the small town of Kasyan, Sverdlovsk region, 16 people died in a fire. The building was completely destroyed. Investigating authorities determined a candle was the cause of the fire – at the time electricity in the town was cut off. Phone lines were non-existent which resulted in the large number of victims. Rebuilding the nursing home was not an option, the remaining resident were moved to the nearest psychiatric hospital.
On February 11th there were another 12 victims of a nursing home fire in the town of Blagoevo, Republic of Komi. The cause; an electrical short-circuit.
On March 18th, as a result of a fire in the psycho-neurological boarding school in the town of St Michael’s, Vologda region, 21 people were killed and another 14 suffered burns of varying degrees. Vladimir Trofimov, one of the patients, admitted to the arson. He was placed in the regional mental hospital. March 21st was declared a day of mourning in Russia.
On December 21st, fire in a psychiatric hospital in the city of Primorsk, Leningrad region, killed 22 people. The cause of the fire was undetermined.
On April 10th, during a fire in a state boarding school for deaf children in Makhachkala, 30 boys between the ages of seven and fourteen died. Another 114 people sustained burns and smoke inhalation, including four teachers. On April 11th a day of mourning was announced in Dagestan. The cause of the fire was determined to be faulty electrical wiring. Excessive overcrowding conditions in the boarding school resulted in the large number of victims. Every child only had 1.5 square meters of living space.
On December 29th, in the Korobovsky psycho-neurological boarding facility, in the small town of Dmitrovsky Pogost, Shatura district, Moscow region, nine residents, ages 18 to 64 years, died in a fire. Seven more residents suffered burns. Patients became trapped as the fire engulfed the central staircase while the emergency exit doors on the upper floors were padlocked, keys to which were kept at the ground floor nurse’s station. In September 2006, the Moscow Region Prosecutor’s office brought charges against Alexander Rodin, deputy director of the boarding home, he was arrested and later released on bail. The trial and subsequent verdict were not reported.
On December 9th, 10 patients died in a fire at the psycho-neurological boarding facility near the town of Taiga, Kemerovo region; an additional 15 people were hospitalized. At the time of the incident there were 223 residents in the building. Arson was speculated as the probable cause.
On the evening of December 9th, 46 people died at the Moscow drug treatment hospital No.17 in a reported three-alarm fire, including two employees of the medical institution. The cause of the blaze, according to the MES (Ministry of Emergency Situations), was an arson with the use of ether or ethanol. Notification about the fire was received at the fire station’s switchboard a whole 20 minutes after it started. The large number of victims was the result of obstructed fire exits and the inability of hospital staff to open lattice cages barring the windows, though they had keys to the locks. Mourning, even regional, was not announced. Condolences to the families of the victims were expressed by the French president Jacques Chirac. “Please accept from the people of France, and myself, deep condolences and convey words of sympathy to the bereaved families”, stated in a letter sent to the President of the Russian Federation.
On March 20th, the “Priazovje” residential home for the elderly and disabled, in the town of Kamyshevatskaya, Yeisk district of Krasnodar region, caught fire. The blaze area exceeded 1,000 square meters. 63 people died, including a nurse, another 33 people were injured and only 35 people were rescued. March 21st was declared a day of mourning in Russia. It was revealed, that in the nursing home major electrical repairs were carried out without resettling the residents.
On June 20th, 10 people were victims of a fire in a nursing home for the elderly in the small town of Ekaterininskoje, Tarsk district of the Omsk region, while seven more people were injured. The staff rescued 301 tenants from the burning building. The cause of fire was called an electrical short-circuit in a faulty lamp.
On November 4th, in a fire at a nursing home in the small town of Velje-Nikolskoye, Chernsky district of Tula region, 34 people died, 247 people were evacuated. November 6th, was announced as a day of mourning in the Tula region. The investigation revealed that there was no fire safety system in the building.
On January 31st, at a nursing home in the small city of Podelsk, Komi Republic, 23 people died in a fire, only three were rescued. February 3rd was announced as a day of mourning in the Komi Republic. The criminal case into the fire was opened under Article 219, part 3 – “violation of fire safety rules”. It was reported that the wooden one-story building, built in 1964, met the fire safety requirements and did not appear on the “black list” of the MOE.
On the night of August 30th, a fire broke out in a home for the elderly in Vyshny Volchok (Tver region). Nine pensioners died in the fire, two more women were hospitalized. The official cause of the tragedy was the result of a suicide attempt by a resident World War II veteran, who allegedly doused himself with gasoline and set himself on fire.
On November 24th, there was a fire at a home for the elderly and disabled in the town of Molochnoe, on Parkovaja -3. The ignition occurred on the second floor in a 20 square meter room. Three men were injured. Two of them had poisoning by combustion products and thermal burns, another man had first and second degree burns to 80% of his body, the victims were taken to the central district hospital. A total of 30 people were evacuated.
On April 26th 2013, a fire in a Moscow psychiatric hospital killed 38 people. The fire occurred on the sixth ward of psychiatric hospital No. 14, in the Dmitrov municipal district, located in the town of Ramenskiy. Firefighters found 12 bodies – four dead people were found at the entrance to the hospital building, eight more in their rooms. At the time of the fire, there were 41 people in the building. Three of them, two paramedics and one patient, managed to get out, and 38 people were left in the burning building. Firefighters were unable to get to the burning hospital because of a closed river crossing and spent an hour on route instead of the usual 20 minutes. The closest fire station from the hospital is 42 kilometres away.
The official cause of the fire was ruled to be the careless handling of the rescue, although the PG Interior Ministry in Moscow region, initially ruled it an electrical short-circuit at the facility.
On September 13th 2013, in the village of Luka, district Malovishersky in the Nowgorod region, one of the medical corps of neuropsychiatric boarding “Oksochi” caught fire. The boarding school was a wooden one-storey building, 100 by 30 meters. At the time of the fire there were 60 people in the building, including 37 ambulatory patients, 22 bedridden patients and only one person from the medical staff. In total, 37 people died.
On the night of December 13th 2015, there was a fire at the Voronezh mental hospital in the village Alferovka, Novokhopersk region. At the time of the fire there were 74 people in the building, as a result 23 of them died as a result.
Materials taken from the site https://openrussia.org/post/view/11264/
These are two separate, seemingly unconnected stories. Different, perhaps, but maybe they have something in common.
The occupied territory experienced an information neurosis, famine, a period of mass denunciations and executions during the struggle against nonconformity and other faiths, a period of torture, violence, murder and violence for the sake of profit. All of this, as an experiment, was perpetrated by its “Elder Brother”, as well as arms and injection.
How will this new episode of “Brotherly Love” end for us? With the ultimate self-realization by Ukraine of its identity? Maybe. But will that be enough to sustain peace, considering its proximity to a country that completely lost its morals?
Olena Stepova,
Translated from Russian by Luba Romanko from original post on Olena Stepova blog

Scrapie – Spiritual buckles (also simply buckles) – common in the political discourse of the phrase, which was launched by Vladimir Putin in 2012 . What really from themselves represent spiritual scrapie is not known, but the patriots have no doubt that without them, Russia will cease to exist. Although the phrase was running senior Russian political establishment that actively use it and the opposition (they do it is usually in an ironic sense). (Transl.)
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